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We have a whole portfolio of Internet packages for all types of businesses:

Business Boost has been exclusively designed for SMEs. Choose among our 3 high speed fibre optic internet packages: 20Mbps, 50Mbps, 100 Mbps. Check out our Business Boost offers.

Large businesses and Corporates can subscribe to our Superfast Business Broadband offer, an unlimited symmetric fibre optic internet. Check out our Superfast Business Broadband offers.

For additional information, please call us on 8901 or email us on


If you wish to move from an ADSL Business package to a Business Boost package, please fill in the Business Boost order form and email us a scanned copy to

If you are an existing Business Boost customer and you wish to upgrade, please send an email to

I want to interconnect my office sites

As your business grows and expands into multiple office sites, you will need a networking solution in order to connect to all your sites in real time. Our local WAN portfolio has been specially designed for this type of connection. Check out the solution and contact us on