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In a world where the way we work, live and play is constantly evolving, building closer connection through faster connectivity is crucial.

With the 1Gbps fibre broadband and 5G Experience Zones launched in 2021, Mauritius Telecom is continuously providing businesses, families and individuals with the best connectivity experience for their everyday life.


Group Financial highlights for the year ended 31 December 2021

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NET PROFIT (in million Rs)


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key figures

Fibre home
Mauritius Telecom’s
Structure (%)
  • Rimcom is an investment vehicle wholly owned by Orange SA (formerly France Telecom).
  • 0.96% of Mauritius Telecom shares were sold to eligible employees and pensioners in 2007 at a discounted rate under an employee share participation scheme.
8 subsidiaries SUBSIDIARIES
  • Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd
  • Telecom Plus Ltd
  • Teleforce Ltd
  • Call Services Ltd
  • MT Properties Ltd
  • Mauritius Telecom Foundation
  • MT International Ventures PCC
  • MT Services Ltd


Mauritius Telecom continually invests in its network infrastructure to enhance coverage, increase reliability and resiliency, and improve broadband speeds.
  • Minimum home broadband speed of 10 Mbps
  • Availability of ultra-fast home broadband 1 Gbps
Content hosting
Content providers such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Akamai and Cloudflare host their caching servers on MT’s network.
Tier IV Data Centre
Tier IV Data Centre
Housing of up to 400 racks in a state-of-the-art facility
The Data Centre has been certified:
  • Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facility awarded by Uptime Institute
  • ISO 27001:2013
Widespread mobile coverage
Widespread mobile coverage
Constant modernisation and expansion of its mobile network to provide island-wide 4G LTE coverage.
International connectivity
International connectivity
Mauritius Telecom’s international network operates mainly via optical submarine cables. For international connectivity, Mauritius Telecom has three independent routes which serve for redundancy in case of cable breakdown:
  • West route - SAFE/SAT3 and WACS through South Africa to Europe
  • North route - LION/LION2-EASSy-EIG to Europe
  • East route - SAFE to India and Malaysia


Telecom deal of the year
Project of the year 2021
Great place to work
  • Africa Operator of the Year 2016 Award
    by FTTH Council Africa
  • Avaya Africa Partner of the Year 2016 Award
    at Avaya Engage held in Dubai
  • Best App for Africa 2016 title conferred by
    AfricaCom for the Traffic Watch App
  • Africa Operator of the Year 2017 Award
    by FTTX Council
  • Best Network Improvement in Africa 2017 Award
    from AfricaCom
  • Ai ICT/Telecoms Deal of the Year 2018 Award from
    Africa Investor
  • 2018 Company Award from the FTTX
    Council Africa
  • Cisco Partner Plus 2018 Champion’s Club Winner
    for Africa
  • Avaya Cloud Partner of the Year – MEA & Turkey
  • AfricaCom Awards
    Connectivity Project of the year Award for MT’s Life Extraordinary initiative Most innovative product or service award for MT’s my.t 360° Digital Operation project
  • “Great Place to Work” certification


person name
Life extraordinary
Hello 5G

Following public consultations in February on the opening of frequency bands to 5G in Mauritius, the ICT Authority awarded 5G licences to three mobile operators. On behalf of Mauritius Telecom, CEO Sherry Singh received MT’s licence from Dick Ng Sui Wa, Chairman of the ICT Authority, in a ceremony held on 18 June 2021.

On 29 July 2021, Mauritius Telecom became the first operator in Mauritius to deploy 5G technology. MT’s CEO Sherry Singh launched four ‘my.t 5G Experience Zones’ in the presence of Deepak Balgobin,Minister of ITCI. The ‘my.t 5G Experience Zones’ are in Ebene, the University of Mauritius, Bagatelle Mall and La City Trianon

commercial innovation 1
1Gbps: A new league of connectivity

Mauritius entered the gigabit era with Mauritius Telecom’s internet offer of 1Gbps for its residential subscribers. This superfast internet connectivity is unrivalled on the Mauritian market. It was launched on 9 September by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth together with Sherry Singh and ITCI Minister, Deepak Balgobin, during an event held at the SVICC in Pailles.

Other new residential offers included a new 500 Mbps package, significant price reductions on the existing 100 Mbps and 50 Mbps offers, as well as new innovative TV offers.

commercial innovation 2
MT supporting its resellers

A ‘lucky draw’ was organised between October 2020 and January 2021 to support MT’s E-voucher retailers in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. On 22 July, the winning resellers were rewarded with cash prices ranging between Rs 100,000 and Rs 1,000,000.

On the same day, Alias was launched. The new my.t service allows customers to recharge their mobiles with E-voucher anonymously. All they need to do is to dial *200# and receive a code on their mobile to top up at any E-voucher reseller island-wide.

commercial innovation 3
Payment of university admin fees made easy with my.t billpay and my.t money

Agreements were signed on 12 August with the University of Mauritius and with the Open University, for the payment of administrative fees using my.t billpay and my.t money. The cashless payment solution was later extended to students of Polytechnics Mauritius.

commercial innovation 2
The CSU mobile app: for more convenience

Elaborated by Mauritius Telecom’s Innovation Team, the CSU mobile app was presented on 17 August by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, in presence of MT’s CEO Sherry Singh, at the New Treasury Building. The new app aims to further facilitate the citizens’ complaints procedure using a mobile phone.

commercial innovation 3
Euro 2020 contest winners rewarded

In June, Mauritius Telecom organised its ‘Play & Win EURO2020 Facebook contest’, which elicited a great public response. Two winners were rewarded for correctly predicting the winner of the 50th edition of the Euros: Italy.

achievement 1
MT shines again in Africa!

In November 2021, Mauritius Telecom successively won the Connectivity Project of the Year Award for its Life Extraordinary Initiative and the Most Innovative Product or Service Award for the my.t 360 ° project from AfricaCom at the Africa Tech Festival 2021.

achievement 2
A Great Place to Work

The Company also received further international recognition in the same month in the form of a certification from Great Place to Work®, the global leader in certifying employee experience and internal culture.

achievement 3
Sherry Singh completes two years at the helm of SATA

In April 2021, Sherry Singh handed over his responsibility as President of SATA after two successful years.

achievement 4
MT ranks 6th in The Top 100 Companies of Mauritius

Despite the impact of the global economic and health crises, Mauritius Telecom maintained its financial stability with revenues amounting to Rs 10.41 billion in 2020. MT climbed from the 8th to 6th place in the 2021 Edition of the Top 100 Companies in Mauritius, thus being the only state-owned company in the listing.

covid initiatives 1

New features were added to beSafeMoris, including the digital vaccination pass, QR scanning and red zone information. The platform had been first developed in 2020 by Mauritius Telecom in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Wellness and the Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation.

covid initiatives 2
Standing by the people

During the second national lockdown in 2021, my.t took exceptional measures to support its clients.

These measures enabled free access to all my.t TV channels, the doubling of the monthly internet volume, zero penalty fees for late payment and zero disconnection for non-payment.

closer to our people
Pulse celebrates its first anniversary

July marked the first anniversary of Pulse, an app for MT employees. Since the conception of the mobile app, its functions have evolved from merely handling leave applications to access to individual payslips and personalised medical pages.

social initiatives 1
Support to school children

School uniforms were donated to 74 residents of SOS Villages, while school materials were offered to children of the Foyer Père Laval and the NGO, Mo Pense Toi. The Mauritius Telecom Foundation also granted technological support to the Angel Special School & Welfare Association, an NGO engaged in caring for people with special needs.

social initiatives 2
Rodrigues and Agalega

Eleven NGOs from Rodrigues received financial support from CSR funds at MT’s 11th cheque awarding ceremony there in February. MT also put a smile on the faces of young Agaleans with a distribution of school materials.

Commercial &
Closer to
our people


WE TAKE PRIDE Staff of Mauritius Telecom take pride in their work, believe that their contributions make a difference and feel good about the ways that Mauritius Telecom contributes to the community at large.

andy janvier
MT Properties
zarine raja
Consumer Market
Human Resources
Human Resources
Human Resources
anthony sambat
Call Services Ltd
Media and Public Relations
Enriching Connectivity,
Enriching Lives
core values
core values
Creativity & Innovation
Agility & Speed
Respect & Responsibility
service vision
service vision
To always do our best
for our customers
be your best
Mauritius telecom


I am particularly proud of MT’s unwavering commitment to our country, providing support to the Government of Mauritius and society at large, as evidenced by the various initiatives taken following the second lockdown in March 2021.

I have once again great pleasure in presenting Mauritius Telecom’s Annual Report, this time for 2021.

Our world has become increasingly complex, with the Covid-19 pandemic causing unprecedented disruption in people’s lives and creating a global economic crisis. Against this background, I am satisfied that Mauritius Telecom, under the guidance of its CEO and management team, has once again proved its solidity and resilience.

I am particularly proud of MT’s unwavering commitment to our country, providing support to the Government of Mauritius and society at large, as evidenced by the various initiatives taken following the second lockdown in March 2021.

Despite the difficult circumstances, MT maintained its leadership in innovation, bringing in a major revolution on the mobile and internet fronts with its Life Extraordinary offers – the 1 Gbps offer and the my.t 5G Experience Zones.

Overall, Mauritius Telecom performed well in 2021, demonstrating the Company’s ability to respond rapidly to changing and very challenging circumstances.

Financial results

Mauritius Telecom Group revenue increased by +4.5% over the year to reach Rs 10.9 billion, with gross profit at the end of the year reaching Rs 8.2 billion, representing year-on-year growth of +4.1%. Taking into account all the factors impacting on our performance, the Group’s net profit of Rs 594 million was a commendable result. Those factors included the persistent impact of the Covid-19 pandemic with a second national confinement, on-going work from home, the negative consequence on the tourism industry of our borders remaining closed during a long period and an exceptional voluntary retirement scheme, during which more than a hundred MT Group employees retired from service.

Corporate Governance

While ensuring value for all our stakeholders, in such a uniquely challenging business environment, our Group believes it is especially important to maintain and, when necessary, enhance the good corporate governance practices to which we have long adhered. During the period under review, I can safely and happily assert that MT remained compliant in all material respects with the best corporate governance principles

Improving Our Service

Purchasing patterns and consumer behaviour have been shifting worldwide and Mauritius has been no exception as people look for more safety and fl xibility. Both the pandemic and the new normal have sped up the transition towards a more digital world and the adoption of new technology.

Providing our customers with the highest level of customer service is one of our top priorities. Mauritius Telecom has therefore striven to protect its customers’ health and enhance what they experience when using our products and services, by advocating the use of various digital and contactless alternatives for service provisioning, bill payment and service issue resolution.

I have been happy to note that our overall service levels continued to improve. Our two key indicators (the Customer Satisfaction Index and the Net Promoter Score) have remained stable towards the high end. Improvements were reflec ed in service delivery, in a reduction in the number of complaints registered, as well as a general improvement in complaint resolution and fault clearance.

On another note, in December 2021 we added a new Telecom Shop in the Coeur Cap Tamarin shopping centre to provide closer proximity to those living or working in the Black River area.

Our Employees

All companies claim to value their employees. I consider that Mauritius Telecom goes somewhat further than most in this respect. Fully aware of the risks to our colleagues during this unprecedented period, our Group remained devoted to taking care of our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. We fully adhered to safety protocols and provided the necessary safety kits and protective equipment to staff to ensure their maximum protection. We also facilitated the vaccination programme against Covid-19 for MT employees, who were exceptionally granted two days special leave following their vaccinations.

Meanwhile, as part of the collective agreement with our trade unions, the Company implemented a salary increase with some enhanced employee benefit for a segment of the Group. However, perhaps the best indication of how MT looks after its staff was the certific tion we received in November 2021 that our Company is a Great Place to Work, a label obtained from the eponymous world leader in terms of certifying employee experience and internal culture. It is a testament to the positive impact of the HR strategies, policies and practices adopted at all levels within the MT Group and I wish to commend the whole MT team for obtaining this certification

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

One of the areas from which I derive a great deal of pleasure is the way that Mauritius Telecom pursues its social initiatives, through the Mauritius Telecom Foundation (MTF), in a diversity of ways. Between 2015 and 2021, Rs 190 million was injected into CSR projects throughout the Republic of Mauritius.

Specifically in 2021, the MTF donated electric wheelchairs as well as commode wheelchairs where they were most needed. As per our usual yearly practice, MTF had children’s wellbeing at heart when it distributed schoolbags and exercise books to children from vulnerable backgrounds to help them in their school life as well as giving gifts during the Christmas period. It also distributed school materials to various NGOs. Indeed, in Rodrigues alone, the MTF donated Rs 1 million of its CSR funds to help 11 NGOs there.

In a different direction, and concerned about building a better, eco-friendly environment in Mauritius, the Foundation also distributed long-lasting and reusable bags to the general public.

Note Of Appreciation

Mauritius Telecom is a team. I not only sincerely thank my fellow Board members for their support but I also wish to express my appreciation to our Chief Executive Officer, MT management and every member of our staff for maintaining MT’s success and for their 2021 achievements. I would equally like to thank our shareholders for their trust and our customers for their loyalty.

The market environment in Mauritius and in the world is showing ever-increasing volatility. The impact of the pandemic may last for many months, and unfortunately perhaps longer, and the war in Ukraine is also putting additional pressure on the global economy. I have every confiden e in the ability of the MT management team to confront these challenges with serenity, to pursue our ongoing strategy and to maintain high focus on the well-being of our customers, employees and society.

Nayen Koomar
Ballah GOSK
May 2022





Chief executive Officer’s review

our resilience as an industry, our early decisions as a group and our creativity as a team have enabled Mauritius Telecom to maintain sound results despite the circumstances.

I am honoured to present Mauritius Telecom’s Annual Report for 2021.

Our country and the world at large are doing their best to cope with the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Major disruptions in logistics and supply chains, rising prices generally and a depressed business, investment and consumer mood are just some of the challenges we all have been facing.

Fortunately, our resilience as an industry, our early decisions as a group and our creativity as a team have enabled Mauritius Telecom to maintain sound results despite the circumstances.

We have maintained profitabilit , improved service levels, launched very innovative offers, enhanced the wellness of our staff, stood by the population in trying times and continued to grow significantl on all fronts. At the time of writing, in May 2022, we have now passed the landmark figu e of one million mobile customers, no mean feat in a country with a population of nearly 1.3 million.

Financial results

For the year 2021, I am proud to report the excellent performance of Mauritius Telecom with a net profit of Rs 594 million. The Group’s revenue grew by +4.5% over the year to reach Rs 10.9 billion. At Rs 8.2 billion, gross profit also showed year-on-year growth of +4.1%.

This performance is exceptional as highlighted by our board especially given that we were directly and financially impacted by: a lack of revenue in inbound roaming, increase in the exchange rates causing our costs to soar, an increase in staff costs following a stipulated salary negotiation exercise, a voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) requested by our staff and approved by the Board of Directors amounting to Rs 375m, disrupted worldwide logistics causing a lack of stock for the year end and a business market reducing its consumption due to economic challenges.

Mauritius Telecom, standing by the nation

We have remained steadfast in our commitment to our people and country, helping the authorities and standing by the nation.

beSafeMoris was critical in the dissemination of officia information. The digital work-access permits (WAP), for the second consecutive year, allowed Mauritians to circulate during the second lockdown. New features launched in 2021 included the digital vaccination pass, QR scanning and red zone information. beSafeMoris has been a tremendous success with over 750,000 users (web & mobile).

MT also developed a press conference management software to allow the authorities to communicate with the public at large more efficient.

During the second national confinement, we again offered free viewing of more than 100 my.t TV channels, doubled the volume allowance of our broadband packages, and suspended penalties for late payment and disconnection for non-payment.

Our business partners also matter to us. Many of our retailers were adversely affected by the pandemic. To help them during this difficul period, we launched several schemes for our e-vouchers and starter packs. We also rewarded the best performers with a lucky draw, which had a star prize of Rs 1 million.

A new league of connectivity

Our customers’ usage and behaviour have changed rapidly over the years. This trend has only been accelerated by the pandemic, with even more people connected, more users at home, more devices and more people working and studying from home and keeping connected virtually with their families. Connectivity had become truly indispensable.

With the way our lives have been impacted, we knew that if we didn’t want to hold back our people, businesses and our country, just access to internet would not be sufficient Excellent Access in terms of speed, capacity and resilience had to be the norm.

A few years ago, we started a revolution by rolling out fib e island-wide, thus placing Mauritius as the 8th most fibe ed country in the world. We thus laid a solid foundation in terms of our infrastructure for the next digital evolution.

2021 was a defining year in that evolution: we propelled Mauritius into the gigabit era and revolutionised connectivity on mobile and through fib e. In July, we became the fir t telco operator in Mauritius to launch 5G with the my.t 5G Experience Zones in the Ebene Cybercity, Bagatelle Mall, University of Mauritius and La City Trianon. This effectively took mobile data connectivity to the next level, with superfast data connectivity, speeds of up to 1 Gbps and lower latency opening a plethora of possibilities.

Yet another milestone came with the launch of the fir t ever 1 Gbps fib e internet offer in Mauritius in September 2021. To give a wider choice to our customers, MT reviewed its portfolio of residential offers to make available a new range of connectivity solutions, launching a new 500 Mbps package and making a significant price reduction on the 100 Mbps and 50 Mbps packages. We also reviewed our TV offerings and packs to make quality TV more affordable.

Innovating for the people

Mauritius Telecom strives to go beyond helping its own customers to supporting everyone in the country. Four years back we developed the Citizen Support Unit website. We went further in 2021 by launching the CSU mobile app, which enables users to register their complaints, suggestions or queries with more than 300 government entities and gives access to a variety of other features.

Specifically for our own customers and to keep them safe, MT launched Alias, a my.t mobile service, that allows prepay customers to keep their mobile numbers private when recharging through an e-voucher at any retail outlet or in a Telecom shop.

Payment using digital means became a must during the public health crisis. To keep students safe, we worked with the University of Mauritius and the Open University of Mauritius to ease the payment process for administrative fees through my.t money and my.t billpay. We later extended this facility to the students of Polytechnics Mauritius.

Our groundbreaking partnership with Showmax, a leading streaming provider in Africa, was a source of utter delight for my.t customers and football fans. We thus brought live UEFA Champions League and other major football league matches (Premier League, La Liga, Europa Conference League, Europa League etc.) to Mauritius.

International recognition

Our various initiatives have been recognised internationally and we can justifiably take pride in having been nominated three times for the 2021 AfricaCom Awards ceremony. AfricaCom Awards celebrate outstanding contributions for connectivity, digital inclusion and development in Africa.

Even better, we won two awards which we dedicate to our country: the Connectivity Project of the year Award for our Life Extraordinary initiative i.e. the launch of the 1 Gbps fib e internet offer in September 2021 and the deployment of the fir t my.t 5G Experience Zones. Our second award was the Most Innovative Product or Service Award for the my.t 360° Digital Operation project.

In 2021, we were also recognised for our internal initiatives: Mauritius Telecom was conferred the officia Great Place to Work certific tion. We are thrilled with this achievement as it places us amongst the elite companies who are considered as best-in class employers

Looking forward

The forthcoming year will certainly be very challenging as the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak lingers on and now the war in Ukraine further affects the global economy with disrupted supply chains and prices soaring.

Nonetheless, I am fully convinced that Mauritius Telecom will be able to withstand fresh challenges. We have already shown our resilience and we are fully prepared to meet whatever new ones may come our way.

We will continue to focus on building greater efficie y across the MT Group and on consolidating our market position in key sectors such as content and the enterprise market. Last but not least we will pursue our diversific tion strategy into fin ech and managed cloud services.

In all this, the unwavering support and guidance of our Chairman and Board of Directors have been invaluable. As ever, I am also indebted to our MT Group family for their passion, dedication, and faith in our vision. They are the real strength of Mauritius Telecom.

We are also very grateful to our customers, who have remained loyal and who are the core reason we exist.

With such support from all our stakeholders, despite a lack of visibility as to what the future may hold, we are confident that Mauritius Telecom now has a solid foundation and is ready to surf any wave that may come our way.

Manvendra (Sherry)
Chief Executive Officer
May 2022