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Our People

Passion, pride and collaboration - these are the driving forces of Mauritius Telecom where we believe that our people are the critical ingredient for our continued success. As a retrospective for the past year, the company, through the structure and philosophy in place, embraced the creativity and collaboration of its diverse workforce who not only help enhance the company’s current services and commercial offerings but also welcomed the various challenges that the global pandemic posed. As a matter of fact, the cross department work streams are now the norm to develop creative ideas and bring quick results.

In terms of the company’s commitment to have an engaged and motivated workforce, it partnered with the global leader in terms of certifying employee experience and internal culture, Great Place to Work ® to have an independent snapshot of how employees feel and the overall feedback based on certain key areas. The survey was administered by Great Place to Work and based on the responses received, the company was awarded the Great Place to Work certification in record time. In terms of the responses received, the company can safely say that the various employee centric measures implemented during the last few years have been well received company wide. As for the way forward, the detailed responses will be used by the company to further improve and strengthen its people practices.