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Our Network


Fixed broadband network

To support the continuous growth of broadband traffic, Mauritius Telecom implemented additional capacity and resiliency in its nationwide backhaul transport networks.

Furthermore, Mauritius Telecom pursued its strategy to evolve its core network equipment to support more intelligent control, proactive management and service delivery agility.

ISP network

Mauritius Telecom improved its international connectivity capacity and diversity at its internet points of presence (PoP). The local cache capacity and subscriber connection gateways were also scaled up in order to enhance subscribers’ broadband experience.

Mobile networks

In line with Mauritius Telecom’s digital vision for cloudification, the mobile data core network was migrated to cloud-based platforms and, at the same time, internet connectivity for mobile data users was upgraded.

In 2021, MT started a four-phase initiative to increase the capacity on the 4G mobile network. The first two phases were successfully completed in 2021 and the remaining phases (3 and 4) will be completed in 2022, providing mobile data users with a better customer experience.

My.t pioneered the introduction of 5G in July 2021 providing customers with enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) connectivity with download speeds reaching up to 1.6 gigabits per second (Gbps). The 5G service is now available in 4 experience zones namely Ebene, Bagatelle Mall, La City Trianon and the University of Mauritius in Réduit.


Mauritius Telecom continues to invest in its cloud-ready data centres in Rose Belle and Rose Hill, which offer world-class quality of service to business users.

The data centres feature optimum physical and biometric security and are supported by a 24-hour network operations centre that functions on all 365 days of the year.