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From copper wire to fibre optics !

The history of Mauritius Telecom is closely linked to that of telecommunications in Mauritus from the date the first telephone line was installed in 1883. Over the years the networks were progressively enhanced with the latest technologies to meet world-class standards. The creation of MT in 1992 enabled the country to prepare itself for the coming era of information technology.

Starting Point - a landmark in the history of Mauritius

The first telephone line was installed between the governor's residence and Government House.

  • October - First telephone line between governor's residence (Réduit) and Government House (Port Louis).

  • November - First telegraph submarine cable for morse code communication from Mauritius to Zanzibar and Seychelles.

  • First exchange installed in Port Louis, with 70 subscribers connected.

  • September - Inauguration of a second submarine cable linking Durban to Mauritius, Rodrigues, Cocos and Perth (Western Australia).

  • September - Submarine cable linking Mauritius to Réunion and Madagascar.

  • Establishment of a Department of Electricity and Telephones to manage and control the use of telephones in Mauritius.

Beginnings of MT - introducing a new range of services

The creation of Mauritius Telecom in 1992, when the international and national activities were merged, gave an impetus to the development of the telecommunications infrastructure.

  • January - Overseas Telecommunications Services (OTS) take over from Cable and Wireless Ltd.

  • Installation of a second standard B earth station and a domestic satellite network with Rodrigues and Outer Islands, and a X.25 Packet-switched data exchange.

    July - Introduction of International Direct Dialling (IDD).

  • July - Privatisation of Department of Telecommunications into Mauritius Telecommunications Services (MTS).

  • Rodrigues gets its digital exchange enabling IDD service.
    TDMA technology introduced for rural telephone network.

    Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) demonstrated on E10B exchange in December

  • The Standard A Earth Station at Cassis is enhanced to optimise bandwidth utilisation.

  • July - Merger of the international and national activities into Mauritius Telecom, with a new logo.

    November - Customer Service Centre (CSC) concept introduced in Rose Hill, Terre Rouge, Forest side and Candos.

    Optically based cardphones introduced.

    December - Laying of foundation stone of Telecom Tower building

    Installation of Common Channel Signalling type 7 in E10B to provide limited ISDN capability.

  • Introduction of value-added telephone services (Call Transfer, Call Waiting and Call Restriction).

Development of MT - moving into the new information era

The introduction of state of the art digital technologies and fibre optics marked the beginning of a new era in the history of Mauritius Telecom.

    • Launched in February 2016, the Traffic watch App provided live video feeds on traffic conditions along roads leading to "Grand Bassin". Today, the app provides live traffic video feeds at Port-Louis and Phoenix-St-Jean motorway. It has changed the way people access traffic information.
    • CSL was awarded the COPC certification in March 2016, providing it with a level of recognition in the MEA region.
      CSL has implemented a structured approach with a 360 degree view of quality and result monitoring enabling it to improve its operational efficiency through better planning, reporting and scheduling whilst continuously measuring its client satisfaction.
    • Rebranding of Mauritius Telecom on 24 March 2016 along with a new vision, ambition and core values. The new identity reflects Mauritius Telecom's commitment, passion and professionalism to meet the evolving needs of customers.
    • 25 March 2016 - Launch of 100Mbps Premium Home Offer for the residential segment by the former Prime Minister, The Right Hon. Sir Anerood Jugnauth, GCSK, KCMG, QC, in the presence of various distinguished guests.
      This is the fastest-ever internet speed for the residential market in Mauritius, opening new grounds for the HD online streaming of videos and opening a new world of opportunities to households.
    • The eCitizen application was officially launched on 15 June 2016 on a pilot basis for Moka District Council with a view to extending it to other authorities and regions. It is a life-changing, innovative mobile app allowing citizens to collaborate with their local authorities to address issues impacting their community and environment. It uses the technology of crowd sourcing, geolocalisation and augmented Reality
    • 08 August 2016 - Mauritius Telecom partnered with Société française du radiotéléphone SFR, to launch the English Premier League in a new my.t bouquet called 'Sports Pack'. It consists of five High Definition (HD) channels, namely; SFR Sport 1, Sport 2 SFR, SFR Sport 3, BFM Sport and Sport 5.
    • Mauritius Telecom won the Operator of the Year award by FTTH Council Africa in October 2016, for its exceptional performance regarding its accelerated deployment of FTTH Project.
    • Launch of WeChat, an instant messaging application developed by Tencent Holdings, China, in September 2016. According to the Financial Times, it is the most popular mobile application in China with 650 million active users per month out of the 668 million Internet
    • Mauritius Telecom rewarded for "The Best App for Africa" at the 2016 AfricaCom event for its creation and production of the Traffic Watch App in November 2016.
      This is an annual industry event for the African telecommunications, ICT and media sector awarding industry initiatives that help improve connectivity and digital transformation across the region.
    • Mauritius Telecom won the 'Avaya Africa Partner of the Year 2016' award at Avaya ENGAGE event in December 2016, for being the fastest growing mid-market partner based on its sales performance and certified status in entire Africa, excluding South Africa.
    • Internet market transformed in June 2015 increasing the speed of broadband by up to 10 times without any additional charge.
    • Since May 2015, residential customers not yet connected with ADSL or fibre were given Flybox – a fast wireless broadband connection.
    • MT can pride itself to have launched the most affordable high-speed fibre offer in the region, a 10 Mbps connection at a monthly tariff of only Rs 499, VAT included.
    • Since June 2015, free unlimited access to Facebook for all MT’s mobile customers followed by a 30% price decrease, dropping monthly ADSL tariff for 512 kbps customers from Rs 699 to Rs 499 VAT included.
    • August 2015 - 60% decrease in MT’s tariffs for BPO operators coupled with an offer of 5 times higher speed or a mix of both, according to their specific business requirements.
    • In October, the my.t Intense & Integral bouquets were launched with an array of new channels such as TF1, NT1, Ushuaia TV and Liverpool FC TV, which enriched and enhanced the attractiveness of the contents of My.T bouquets.
    • In the Second semester of 2015, a full-fledged restructuring of the MT organisation was undertaken. The top management team was reshaped with a new and invigorated Group Executive Committee (GEC) replacing the Strategic Executive Committee.
    • The MTF was awarded 1st prize for its valuable contribution in the protection of the environment in the private sector category, by the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development, Disaster and Beach Management at the 2015 World Environment Day Expo.
    • CSL Madagascar, a 100-seats contact centre in Antananarivo, started its operations with its very first client Orange Madagascar with 30 positions for the outbound activities, on 13th February 2015.
    • CSL’s offer was retained and the company was officially proclaimed to be the new call centre partner of Antenne Reunion in November 2015.
    • Mauritius Telecom decreased the tariff of international bandwidth by at least 20%. At the same time, tariffs for broadband packages were reduced to democratise access to the Internet.
    • MT accelerated its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment plan in order to connect the whole-island by 2017. Some fifty (50) LTE mobile base stations were deployed.
    • MT is also working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Technology, Communication & Innovation to deploy 350 free and more accessible Wi-Fi hotspots for broadband internet connectivity through Wi-Fi in public places and in educational institutions.
    • To enhance connectivity to Rodrigues, the Government increased the total bandwidth capacity from 118Mbps to 163Mbps, allowing Rodrigues inhabitants to benefit from a higher broadband speed.
    • my.t subscribers attaining 120,000 in December 2015.
    • Directory information available on mobile through OrangeCare from Play Store.
    • MT has kicked off the project to build a Tier 4 level Data Centre, which will be among one of the very few in the southern hemisphere.
    • July 2015-Acquisition of an additional 10% stake in Telecom Vanuatu Limited (“TVL”). Mauritius Telecom International Ventures (MTIV) now holds 100% stake in TVL.
    • Introduction of e-ticketing by Orange Money allowing customers to buy their concert tickets via their mobile and accessing the concert hall merely by presenting a QR code at the box office.
    • Mauritius Telecom/Orange partnership with Banque des Mascareignes (BM) to offer the whole range of Orange Money services to their customers.
    • Mauritius Telecom set the pace for a major leap forward by being the first to bring virtual reality (VR) to Mauritius, through its partnership with EON Reality Inc. (world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment) and State Informatics Limited (SIL). EON Mauritius will bring Augmented and Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer to mobile subscribers in Mauritius and across Africa.
    • 46 new LTE sites were deployed to improve broadband cellular coverage, the majority being in Plaines Wilhems area
    • UTRAN network upgraded to RAN15.0 to deliver voice and SMS service to LTE user
    • DBS Upgrade Project to increase capacity and at same time enhancing its architecture
    • Contract awarded to MT by Vini, telecom operator in French Polynesia and Orange Cameroun to replicate mobile apps for their respective mobile numbering change plan
    • Contracts awarded for apps development for the MBC and Electoral Commissioner’s Office for the General Elections
    • Completion of full 3G and 4G mobile service coverage in Rodrigues
    • Deployment of ADSL Resources to all Exchanges in Rodrigues and Expansion of capacity by 400 ports and expansion of SHDSL Capacity for Business Customers
    • Deployment of Line Testing System to all exchanges in Rodrigues
    • Construction of Two New 35 meter Tower Structures at Roche Bon Dieu andPort Sud Est to extend mobile coverage
    • Internet Services Provider (ISP) License for the provision of Broadband Internet over fibre granted by ICTA
    • MPLS Peering - Implementation of MT-TSA MPLS NNI
    • Implementation of 2 new Gateway Routers for provision of IP VPN Premium service
    • Replacement of EoS (End of Support) switches in Core Mobile Network
    • Dismantling of legacy Huawei S8508 switches and legacy ATM-based ALU ASAM DSLAM
    • Extension of SLTS Copper Testing Tool to Rodrigues for enhanced troubleshooting and repair service
    • EPC Phase 2 Project implemented. It consisted of setting up a unified core Packet Switch network for 2G, 3G and LTE Network
    • Introduction of Hot Survey automated & real time census tool at CSL on all main platforms
    • Construction of a new Exchange Building at Cascavelle Shopping Mall
    • Installation of Biometric Access Readers at 54 exchanges completed
    • A new 400 KVA Generator together with associated switchgears installed on the terrace of level 2 at Telecom
    • Tower to cater for Business Continuity requirements
    • Introduction of automated calls volume Forecasting and Agents Scheduling tools on all main platforms at CSL
    • Introduction of enhanced troubleshooting methods on 8902 for fixed and broadband services for better first line resolution
    • Technical Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessment (RA) exercise held at Rose Hill Data Centre for Implementation of ISO 22301:2012
    • Ten sites upgraded to provide 2G and 3G services in Rodrigues
    • Deployment of transparent internet caching system within ISP network to reduce internet transit and bandwidth consumption
    • IP core expansion in Rodrigues to provide business customers with connection to the IP network
    • Implementation of eight-digit numbering for mobile network
    • Implementation of a distributed antenna system (DAS) at the new SSR International Airport to provide 2G, 3G and LTE coverage
    • Implementation of access control system based on biometric technology
    • Installation and commissioning of CCTV and intruder alarms at Rose Hill Data Centre and 20 mobile sites
    • Installation of incoming international toll-free equipment in Port Louis Exchange
    • Launch of FTTH broadband offers of up to 10 Mbps and up to 30 Mbps
    • Launch of 3G and 4G in Rodrigues
    • Launch of Ascend Mate Phablet, in partnership with Huawei, and Orange Phablet
    • Launch of cloud services at Rose Hill Data Centre
    • Launch of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c
    • Launch of new IPTV platform providing enhanced features on My.T
    • Improvement in My.T and broadband service-level agreements from 14 days to 7 days and 7 working days
    • MT awarded contract by the Ministry of Education & Human Resources to supply and commission 26,000 tablets
    • Upgrade of the subscriber data management system (SDM) to cater for high volumes of traffic on the mobile network
    • WACS cable system brought into service
    • New 4G (LTE) network launched in Port Louis and Bagatelle regions
    • Launch of low-cost Orange tablets to promote access and ICT usage
    • Eleven mobile macro-sites commissioned to increase network coverage, of which six installed on Emtel premises
    • Fifty-three mobile sites connected with fibre optic cabling
    • Launch of Orange Emergency Credit for prepay customers
      • Bagatelle Exchange Commissioned, provided telecommunication services to the area
      • MT peered with Orange Madagascar to implement network-to-network multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) on MT existing core IP network, allowing business customers in Mauritius and Madagascar to have end-to-end MPLS VPN via the LION cable
      • New wireless application protocol (WAP) gateway commissioned, enabling faster browsing of web pages and downloading of contents
      • LION 2 cable system entered into service
      • Automatic Roaming Tester supplied by SIGOS commissioned, facilitating prompt testing and solving of roaming issues
      • Parabolic Antennas installed for telemetry and tracking of satellites in the Southern Hemisphere at Baie Jacotet
      • Seventeen Orange Shops connected to fibre-optic networks
      • The WACS Cable System brought into service
      • New 4G (LTE) network launched in Port Louis Bagatelle regions
      • Eleven mobile macro sites commissioned to increase network coverage, of which six installed on Emtel premises
      • Fifty-three mobile sites connected with fibre optic cabling to meet increasing bandwidth requirements
    • Entry into service of first cable link on the LION cable system between MT and Orange Madagascar, to be used on a bilateral basis to service common customers for voice and data requirements
    • Installation of a Zebra testbed in the Orange network for testing new features
    • Implementation of a mobile supply-chain barcode system at the Central Warehouse
    • Installation of a telephone exchange in Bagatelle.
    • Upgrading of Zebra platform to support new features such as the activation of additional and enhanced security measures during commissioning
    • Implementation of Iptune (Finland)’s Service Manager Tool, used to monitor mobile data services in the Service Management Centre(SMC) within NOC
    • Completion of 4 underground cabinets at Candos, Moka and Glen Park
    • Upgrading of the existing Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) to service new buildings in the Ebene Cybercity and new customers in Port Louis. The project allows MT to offer fibre-optic-based services to business customers and government bodies.
    • Installation of panic alarm systems and CCTV cameras in Orange shops
    • Launch of Blackberry service in Rodrigues
    • The LION submarine cable, which came into service in November 2009, officially launched at the Terre Rouge landing station by the Prime minister in March 2010
    • Drawing up of MT incident plans for the management of tsunamis, torrential rain and landslides
    • Drawing up of MT incident plans for the management of fires, bomb alerts, thefts and vandalism
    • Allocation to MT of 40 work-area recovery seats by Business Continuity Mauritius
    • Implementation of a new call-centre management system using an Altitude software engine at Call Services Limited
    • The EASSy submarine cable system in operation in July 2010
    • Introduction of the Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) project in Mauritius providing fibre-optic access of over 100Mbps per customer
    • 622 Mbps internet bandwidth added on to the EASSy submarine cable system to provide redundancy for internet traffic for Mauritius
    • Increase of international bandwidth for internet from 3Gps in January to 4.8Gps in December
    • Migration of all mobile customers in Rodrigues to new HLR in Mauritius for faster customer service provisioning
    • Introduction of fibre-to-the-net access to 50 Mobile sites
    • DLM in service island wide
    • Opening of two new Orange shops in Quatre Bornes and Vacoas
    • Introduction of a new wholesale bandwidth offer, High Speed IP Transit Service, for telecommunications operators offering internet Services
    • Improvement of data-roaming footprint with 3G service opened with 60 countries and 93 operators as compared to 32 countries and 36 operators in December 2009.
    • Installation of SMS Gateway to provide Government online Services
    • Presentation of the Broadband Development Strategy of MT - Tariff reduction of ADSL offers for: Business in the range of 14% to 16%; Home in the range of 33% to 46%
    • Launch of new My.T packages with a TV bouquets of 15 international channels
    • 83 CCTV cameras installed in Flic en Flac using IP technology
    • Launch of Orange Mobile TV and Ego, a specially designed and branded handset for MT.
    • Orange Mobile TV, the first convergent service with content from IPTV, launched with access to a bouquet of 15 international TV channels and Internet
    • Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd obtained ISP Licence
    • Implementation of first NGN (Next Generation Network)
    • Replacement of Integrated Rural Telephony (IRT) equipment by new AirMux equipment
    • Launch of Internet Everywhere enabling access to broadband internet from laptops, using the High Speed Packet Access (HSPA)
    • Continuity Mauritius houses its Disaster Recovery Centre at Candos Exchange
    • Landing of the LION cable in Mauritius at Le Goulet, Baie du Tombeau, on 16 September
    • Launch of SPICE programme(Smart Processes for Improved Customer Experience)
    • Introduction of the new iPhone 3GS
    • Launch of Automatic Vehicle Location and Global Positioning System (AVL/GPS)System for Fleet Management
    • Implementation of Phase 1 of “One Network” between Mauritius and Rodrigues. Introduction in Rodrigues of all IN and Value Added Services available in Mauritius as well as EDGE data service
    • Launch of the Orange New Vision: “Together we can do more”
    • Decommissioning of the WiLL (Wireless Local Loop) service and transfer of customers to line plant
    • Launch of Post Pay Video on Demand (VOD) for My.T subscribers
    • Launching of 8919 hotline for Wholesale/ITES/Business Customers
    • Launch of Mobile Internet service allowing Orange Prepay and postpay customers to access internet on their mobile as from R 50.-
    • Provisioning of CCTV surveillance in MT Orange shops
    • Launching of new MT helpdesk to centralise complaints
    • Implementation of 40 additional 3G+ Base Stations (Node B’s) under the 3G Network Expansion Phase 5 Project
    • Re-branding of Mobile and Internet services under OrangeTM
    • Launch of NetPC
    • Co-sponsor of 6th CJSOI games held in Seychelles
    • Launch of Orange Sitara, singing competition in Hindi, in partnership with the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation
    • Allocation of 1% shares of Mauritius Telecom to employees at a reduced price
    • Launch of first Telecyber in Rodrigues by Telecom Plus
    • EDGE island-wide coverage
    • Launch of Blackberry® smartphones and wireless solutions by Cellplus, for the first time in Mauritius, in partnership with Research in Motion (RIM)
    • Launch of Radiovision service by Cellplus in partnership with Radio Plus
    • Launch of first MT Rodrigues Directory by Teleservices
    • Installation of a 100% IP network, in partnership qith Cisco, for a major customer
    • Launch of Business Everywhere Solution
    • Sponsorship of the Indian Ocean Island Games
    • Finalisation of Organisational Restructuring
    • Launch of Application Service Provider (ASP) service
    • Set-up of a very high bit rate (45 Mbps) IPLC connection for Orange Business Services in Mauritius
    • Announcement of the launch of Mauritius Telecom NetPC
    • Launch of first 3G roaming service with Orange France
    • Installation of R4NGN (Release 4 Next Generation Networks) allowing access to IP services on mobile terminals
    • Deployment of FTTC (Fibre-to-the Cabinet) sites
    • Installation of first NGN (New Generation Network) in Rodrigues
    • Launch of My.T, the Multiplay-IPTV services of Mauritius Telecom.
    • Launch of Cellplus Mobile Banking in partnership with SBM.
    • Launch of Cellplus Pushmail service.
    • Launch of SMS2TV by Cellplus during FIFA World Cup.
    • Launch of MatinalSa infotainment service in partnership with Le Matinal newspaper.
    • Launch of ADSL in Rodrigues.
  • February

    • Launch of 3-way conference
    • Set-up of a demo unit for products and services
    • Cellplus signs contract for installation of 3G networks

    May: Launch of Turfnews service

    June: Mauritius Telecom is ISO 9001:2000 certified

    • Introduction of new international access code - 020.
    • Launch of Sezam prepaid calling card.
    • November - Launch of MTc@re online services for residential customers.
    • Launch of GPRS by Cellplus.
  • January: Liberalisation of the Telecommunications sector.

    March: Launching of Teleshop concept with the official inauguration of Curepipe Teleshop.

    April: Cellplus launches Cell-Oh, the first GSM cellular network in Rodrigues.

  • April: SAFE (South Africa Far East) submarine cable operational, it gives the country a truly global connectivity through its integration with the SAT-3/WASC Optical Fibre Submarine Cable.

  • November: Strategic partnership with France Télécom

  • Launching of Call Services, the first company to offer Call Centre services.

    Installation of Wireless Local Loop (WiLL)

    Launching of 'Complis', the prepaid service of Cellplus.

  • Introduction of pair gain technology on copper pairs.


    • Internet/www go commercial.
    • Introduction of new pay phones using Smart Card technology.


    • Introduction of per second charging.
    • Moving into the new information era
  • October

    • Implementation of X.25 network throughout the country.
    • Introduction of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Fibre optic cable system around the country.
    • A joint venture signed with France Telecom for the introduction of Internet services in Mauritius; a pilot service introduced in October.
    • Cellplus starts trial run of the digital Global System for Mobile.