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Mauritius Telecom, the public telecommunications operator of Mauritius, was established in 1992, following a merger between the former Overseas Telecommunications Services Ltd and Mauritius Telecommunication Services Ltd. It is the primary provider of voice, mobile, Internet and data communication services in Mauritius.

In November 2000, Mauritius Telecom entered into a strategic partnership with Orange (formerly France Telecom) with a view to strengthening and securing its market share, pending the total deregulation of the telecommunication sector in Mauritius.

By combining the technological and global strength of Orange, and the local and regional experience of Mauritius Telecom, the two companies have been able to offer innovative and useful technologies to new markets. Mauritius Telecom is now reaching out to more people - in business, industry and at home – in the region and beyond.

Over the last years, Mauritius Telecom has developed into one of the leading enterprises in Mauritius with a consistent sound financial achievement and has helped to propel Mauritius into the information age through constant upgrading of its networks.