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Fixed voice

If you have a fixed location and need to communicate with others, you may opt for our fixed line solution. With a fixed line, you will be able to call both fixed and mobile numbers locally, as well as call international numbers around the world.

For the fixed voice solution, you will pay a monthly rental of Rs 225 (VAT exclusive) and any call charges based on your outgoing traffic. More information.

Mobile voice

If you are constantly on the move, you may opt for our mobile offers. You can either buy a prepay SIM card at any Orange shop or at one of our retailers. The SIM costs Rs 100 (VAT inc.) and contains some free credit. More information.

You can also buy a Post Pay SIM, where you pay a fixed monthly subscription (depending on the Orange Post Pay package or the calling plan subscribed to) and any excess charges. Check out our Post Pay plans for more details

Internet solution

Why connect to the Internet?

The Internet has now become an important tool in any business sector. It not only provides a business with a global reach, it also helps the business for its day-to-day activities. For example, you may wish to look for new business ideas/solutions over the Internet to boost sales in your business. Startups can log on to for some management & leadership advice/tips or else to implement the correct office design to increase productivity. The Internet can be your best mentor to help you make better decisions, get more customers & run a better business.


Also, the Internet is means of extending the reach of your business. Today with a basic Internet connection, you may easily setup a level of global reach that was previously reserved for only major multinationals. Social media having proved to be an important marketing tool, you may wish to create your own Facebook page to inform customers of your product & service, and thus boost sales.

An Internet connection also enables the work from home concept. With a home office and less than 5 employees, an internet connection can help easy communication with your employees as well as easy file/document sharing, and thus keep your business growing.

Fixed Internet

Based on the network eligibility at your premises, you may be provided with an internet connection on either copper or fibre. Our internet offers start as from Rs 750 (VAT exc.) for an ADSL Pro 512K offer. The ADSL Pro has a download speed of up to 512Kbps and a volume allowance of 5GB. Discover our unlimited internet packages.

If your company is in a region, where we are unfortunately unable to provision internet on a copper and fibre line, we will still provide you with a temporary internet solution. Email us on for more details.

Internet on the move

Should you require internet on the move, you can either:

Note: The Internet Everywhere key and Mi-Fi device are subject to stock availability.